Web Design Malaysia – Two Common Security Threats Web Service Help to Handle

A simple Google search on website design and development service in Malaysia will return overwhelmingly too many results than you can handle. Dataran Prima, Bukit Bintang and Wangsa Maju for instance are among the most popular website design and development service providers in the country. Security has grown to become a major concern in most website development and web design services in Malaysia. In fact, when searching for services in web development and web design Malaysia businesses always give security the top priority and find companies that can guarantee secure services.

Hackers are smart. Today, there is someone spending time on the internet thinking how much time they are going to spend to hack a website that is live on the internet. This is not right, but hackers have no time to think twice. They hack for money and as long as they find insecure holes on your website, you website will become a past tense in the next few hours. Do not get worried though. Website development and web design Malaysia has you covered. They close those insecure holes, leaving no room for hackers to get access to your personal or business website. Below are some of the most common security threats and an explanation on how the service helps to prevent them:

SQL Injection

SQL injection is probably the most popular security threat to your website.  The name itself is scary enough to “feed” you with the desire of never taking your business online. SQL injection is a way that a hacker will use to get access to your database through internet browser without your notice. Usually, they use the technique to write MYSQL codes that can alter your entire database system including DROPPING the entire database of your website. Because once deleted databases are never recoverable, protecting you from SQL injection is essential. Web development and design Malaysia use escape string functions and prepared statements to protect you from this danger, leaving no room for hackers to access you database system at all. No matter what they do, chances are that they never will.

XSS Attacks

XSS attacks is among the  most dangerous threats that a potential hacker could use to destroy your website. For instance, they could write an iFrame, or JavaScript codes that perform a particular function, send them to your database and then returned as junk data that destroys the interface of your website. To solve this, web design and development service closes all the loopholes that hackers could find potential for hacking.

  • They ensure that all the tags one is trying to enter in the database are stripped properly before they be fetched and displayed back to the users.
  • Reducing the number of text areas, input boxes and editable sections on your website is also a secure security measure that protects one against a hacker.
  • They ensure that the HTML entities are not entered in the database tables as tags but instead, they are escaped and then returned as normal data to the user.